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Projects : Project 3K

Hoste Hainse Project 3K

It costs NPR 3,000 per year to educate one child in Sarlahi at one of our Hoste Hainse non-profit free-for-all community schools. Compare that to the average cost of NPR 30,000 per year to get the same education at a school in Kathmandu. NPR 3,000 could be the cost of a family dinner while eating out in Kathmandu these days. This very amount can change the life of one child in Sarlahi for an entire year!

Our aim is to attract a privileged individual to sponsor an underprivileged child in Sarlahi to make a difference with merely the price of a family dinner, i.e., NPR 3,000.

Get involved by sponsoring a child for not just one, but multiple years, all the way until high school matriculation. We will link you up.

Please call us at 01-5000100 (Main Line), 98031-65816 (Bipasha), or 98491-87864 (Barsha) or email us at to get started!

We understand that individuals may have different ideas of supporting. Hence, before you contact us, please take a moment to think about the following questions:

  • How many years would you like to extend support for? We recommend 11 years (ECD through Grade 10) so that the child can advance all the way until high school matriculation, SEE (Secondary Education Examination).
  • How many children would you like to support? We recommend suppporting at least one child, if not more. The cost is NPR 3,000 per child per year.
This will help us expedite processing.

Once the funds are collected, we shall email you registration forms of the children you are supporting. Over the years, we shall keep track of progress of the child and update you accordingly via email. This will include photos. We also welcome you to visit our Hoste Hainse non-profit free-for-all community schools in Sarlahi if/when your schedule and/or travel plans permit.

Please check out our New 6-minute Documentary @ YouTube:

6-minute Hoste Hainse Documentary @ YouTube

Hoste Hainse Documentary - 2018

This documentary was made free-of-charge for Hoste Hainse by volunteers David Drost and Ganja Trappitsch. Thank you, David and Ganja!

Thank you, once again, for supporting Hoste Hainse's Project 3K.

NPR 3,000 = approximately USD 30.

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