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Fundraisers : Recycle For Education

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Hoste Hainse Fundraiser - Recycle For Education

Recycle For Education

What better a way to help underprivileged children than by getting rid of your recyclables? It's a win-win for everyone!

We recycle heavily at Hoste Hainse. We sell our recyclables to vendors to make sure that they get recycled (they would not pay us and then throw it in the trash). 100% of sale funds go towards the education of underprivileged children, viz-a-viz, our education programs.

Do you have items that can be recycled? Paper, plastic, metal or glass? Drop them off at our office and support a good cause! If you have a lot, we'll even come pick it up!

Please call Hoste Hainse at 01-5550700 (Main Line), 98495-00163 (Pratima), 98031-65816 (Bipasha) or 98431-29031 (Rashmi), or email us at

Here's how much we have raised through the Recycle For Education program since inception (remember, it only costs NPR 3,000 to educate one child in Sarlahi for an entire year -- please see our Project 3K):

    2075/12 (Chaitra) 2019 March/April NPR 28,620.00
    2075/11 (Falgun) 2019 February/March NPR 18,766.00
    2075/10 (Magh) 2019 January/February NPR 17,034.00
    2075/09 (Poush) 2018 December/2019 January NPR 13,147.00
    2075/08 (Mangshir) 2018 November/December NPR 47,637.00
    2075/07 (Kartik) 2018 October/November NPR 200.00
    2075/06 (Ashwin) 2018 September/October NPR 160.00
    2075/05 (Bhadra) 2018 August/September NPR 1,232.00
    2075/04 (Shrawan) 2018 July/August NPR 580.00
    2075/03 (Ashad) 2018 June/July NPR 200.00
    2075/02 (Jestha) 2018 May/June NPR 210.00
    2075/01 (Baisakh) 2018 April/May NPR 4,800.00
    Total for 2075 (April 14, 2018 - April 13, 2019): NPR 1,32,586.00
    44 underprivileged children educated for an entire year!
    more info - Project 3K
    Total since inception: NPR 1,32,586.00
    44 underprivileged children educated for an entire year!
    more info - Project 3K

Recycle For Education Spreadsheet

(we'll try to upload/update this spreadsheet once a month)

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